Glo 910 con cabezales
Anti Cellulite Selulit Liporeductor
glo packaging
Glo 910 con cabezales
Anti Cellulite Selulit Liporeductor
glo packaging

Glo 910+ with Phototherapy and 4 treatment heads

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Glo 910+ is the first of its kind. A handy device that treats cellulite and localized fat effectively without the use of intensive procedures and devices. Thanks to the deep subdermal massage that mobilizes fat and accumulated toxins, you can now say goodbye to cellulites.

The only one that uses  SLIM tech® technology  - an innovative combination of photoluminal energy that help it easier to penetrate different levels of the skin, while also stimulating the creation of collage and providing elasticity to connective tissue.

This anti-cellulite massage device includes 4 different kinds of treatment heads that cater to different kinds of skin and body issues such as orange peel skin, localized fat (gut, holsters, and love handles), swollen legs, and muscle. It can even help improve blood circulation. The heads' intensity can also be adjusted depending to your liking.

By simply massaging the problem area, 15 min a day, you can see the results immediately. It’s also super easy to use!

It can be combined with the use of oil and anti-cellulite creams, enhancing the effect of cosmetic treatments. We recommend using Oil 910 Body sculptor.

    How to Use Technical Specification Treatment Heads Results

    The secret? A true reactivation of fat cells.

    Fights Cellulite

    The deep mechanical massage acts on the deepest layers of the skin, breaking the fatty deposits of the most conflictive areas (adbomen, glutes ...)

    Tight and light legs

    Thanks to its draining action, toxins are mobilized and eliminated, the legs deflate and refine, improving and reshaping the figure.

    Smooth and even skin

    Full body exfoliation in just 10 min, professional result. Effortlessly, Glo 910 does it for you. Complementary treatment very effective to treat cellulite.