Anti Cellulite Massager & Reduction Massage Machine
Glo - Anti Cellulite Massager, Reduction Massage Machine
Glo Anti Cellulite Massager and Reduction Massage Machine

Glo910 Anti Cellulite Massager & Reduction Massage Machine

Glo910 Anti Cellulite Massage Machine is the first clinically proven way to combat cellulite from the comfort of your own home. Our original cellulite massage machine uses deep penetrating massage to tone your legs, belly, butt, and thighs and reduce cellulite.

Glo910 is effective, 100% natural, painless and non-invasive.

FIGHTS CELLULITE: The powerful massage acts on the deeper layers of the skin where cellulite develops, breaking down fatty deposits even in the hardest areas to treat, including your belly and butt.

REDUCES FLUID RETENTION (EDEMA): The deep massage provided by the powerful motor helps drain fluid, reducing tightness and puffiness caused by fluid retention.

LIGHTER LEGS: Thanks to its draining action, toxins are released and removed, helping your legs become less swollen and more slender.


POWERFUL MOTOR :   With a fully adjustable intensity level using the power regulator you can enjoy exactly the strength of the massage you want. There's no need to press the device hard against your body, just raise the power if required and start breaking down fatty cells and eliminating through your lymphatic system!

The Glo910 Anti Cellulite Massage Machine has been designed to be effective in slowing down the cellulite process. It restores proper lymphatic circulation while eliminating fat nodules that form the orange peel effect. The powerful motor has a strong yet painless rotation and vibration action, making the treatment a pleasant and effective experience.


  • Large active treatment surface (10cm diameter)
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable, safe home use
  • Powerful motor (650 rpm) for effective treatment
  • Adjustable massage intensity with luminous indicator
  • Includes Cellu-Active massage head
  • Easy massage head attachment system
  • 25W, universal voltage (100-230V AC) 50-60 Hz
  • Weight 650g

Designed in Europe


  • Glo910 Anti Cellulite Massage machine
  • Cellu-Active massage head
  • Storage bag
  • Instruction manual and safety notices


 If you have any questions about the cellulite massage therapy and its use please refer to our  FAQ   or email us at .