Cool Legs massage by Glo

Cool Legs


A LEG MASSAGE LIKE NO OTHER:  experience leg-refining results and feel like you are walking on air after one treatment!

COOL LEGS brings powerful relief to heavy, tired and aching legs, caused by hot weather, pregnancy, long haul flights, a day on your feet or a night in heels ..  A pioneering contouring and lightening treatment Cool Legs works with both the Glo910 & Glo910 + and is easy to use at home.


MOTION CRYOTHERAPY: Cool, d eep-massage makes heavy legs feel lighter.

COOL LEGS uses a cool gel that provides CONTROLLED COOLING IN MOTION without freezing or irritating the skin. The deep , cool massage relieves the fluid retention that makes legs puffy, tired and congested and restores lightness .


excess liquid, fat and toxins (edema) causes this uncomfortable and painful problem.

The cold shrinks your blood vessels, reducing swelling, draining toxins and relieving pain. You will enjoy a wonderful feeling of lightness and freshness, which lasts for hours.


  • Lightening heavy legs
    · Contouring legs & discouraging cellulite
    · Dissolving aches, pains & fatigue
    · Enhancing skin tone, hydration & suppleness 
    · Promoting your energy & a positive sense of wellbeing 
    · Muscle p ain r elief


  1. Put your Cool Legs massage head in the freezer , in its special bag, for a minimum of 4 hours .
  2. Place your Cool Legs massage head on your Glo910 or Glo910 + device.
  3. M assage the skin directly for about 10 minutes - thanks to the movement of the Glo910 and Glo910 + , the cold won't cause any pain . About 10 min.
  4. P ut the Cool Legs back in the freezer and it will be ready for your next treatment!

Cool legs, light legs in seconds!