Cellulite detox massage

Cellu Detox Massage

Actively stimulates drainage and smoothes cellulite. Improves the effectiveness of creams and oils.. Gets rid of toxins and treats puffy legs.

The Cellu-Detox Massage head acts on the most painful cellulite, activating lymphatic drainage, and combating sagging arms and thighs.

Cellu-Detox can be used with creams and oils, multiplying their effect and increasing their absorption. You can also use it to enjoy a relaxing massage.

Cellu-Detox is also great for athletes. Use it before intense physical exercise, preheating your muscles to help avoid injuries.

You can also use it for foot massages (reflexology), which will give you a great feeling of relaxation and wellbeing not only in your feet, but in the rest of your body.


  • Anti-cellulite
  • Helps lymphatic drainage
  • Firms sagging arms and thighs
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Increases absorption of creams and oils
  • Preheats muscles
  • Reflexology foot massage


  • Use with or without creams or oils
  • Suitable for legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms