Our Story

We developed Glo with the dream of helping women to feel happier and more confident in their own bodies.

As two women working in the beauty industry we see both sides of the business,  we really understand the frustration many women have with beauty devices and gadgets that don’t deliver what they promise, and we’re also aware of the hard work and research that goes into making a truly effective device.

So after more than 10 years working for other companies in the beauty equipment field we decided we wanted to use all our expertise to create a truly effective anti-cellulite device of our own.  We spent three years developing the Glo910, working with the foremost experts in the field to ensure we created the best device possible, making sure it was both effective and easy to use.  We worked with a prestigious team of European dermo-aesthetic doctors, physiotherapists, designers and engineers to build a prototype, run clinical trials and develop effective treatment protocols. And the end result is the Glo910 and the Glo910+, which we’re very proud of.

We’re now extending our range to include complementary health and beauty solutions that work alongside the Glo910 range, helping you to look and feel even healthier and happier. Our products are developed in line with our philosophy of bringing together the best of science and nature and we use organic ingredients where possible.

We’re very excited to be able to offer women around the world a truly effective solution to cellulite.  We want to see our customers glow with self-confidence and body positivity.

Mirentxu Ixone | Glo

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Designed and produced according to European and USA safety standards. Tested by doctors to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency. 1 year warranty.