Glo910+ Technical Specification


Regulate the intensity by adjusting the power regulator and enjoy the strength of the massage you want. There is no need to press the device hard against your body, it just increases the power and starts breaking down the fat cells and eliminating them through the lymphatic system!

Dry exfoliation

Facelift and gentle exfoliation

Breaks fat

Lymphatic drainage


Glo910 + is the first beauty device with SLIM tech® technology, an innovative combination of mechanical massage and phototherapy (light energy).

Scientifically proven by NASA studies, infrared light therapy accelerates cell turnover by 200%. When used to treat cellulite, it helps dissolve fat cells more effectively and activate collagen production. Glo910 + has 16 infrared and 16 red LEDs that penetrate different levels of the skin, improving the effect of lipo-massage.

Glo910 + includes