What is cellulite?

The term cellulite is the commonly used term for the skin disorder that affects many woman, Oedematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy. It is not a pathological condition (it is not a disease) rather it is an aesthetic problem that torments a large percentage of the female population aged 16 to56, affecting self-esteem. This aesthetic problem consists of an accumulation of inflamed adipocytes, trapped within a network of rigid fibres (connective tissue) that alter the function of the blood vessels causing fluid retention and poor removal of toxins. What we see on the skin is what is known as "orange peel" which is an external reflection of what is happening on the inside. On the one hand, connective tissue, having lost elasticity, becomes stiff and pulls into the skin; and on the other, the inflamed adipocytes cause bulges in the skin. Hence the unsightly padded nodular effect. Nonetheless, it is possible to combat it through proper nutrition and a strict care routine but there are no immediate or instant solutions, you just have to be patient and consistent.

How can you fight cellulite?

To eliminate cellulite, and also to prevent it from appearing, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle + certain specific habits + an effective treatment.

- Healthy Lifestyle: drink 1.5 litres of water per day, avoid stress and follow a balanced diet.

- Specific habits: avoid overuse of high heels and tightly fitted clothing, likewise don’t spend too much time standing or sitting. It is advisable to avoid alcohol, coffee, fizzy drinks, sugars, processed fats and refined flours, as well as reducing salt intake and not smoking.

- Effective treatment: among those products that effectively combat cellulite removal it is essential to highlight the effectiveness of Glo910 and Glo910+ which, in addition to being effective, maintain the results over time.

How can the Glo910 device help fight cellulite?

Basically the Glo910 device directly attacks the root causes of the problem, correcting the effects of cellulite internally. How? By acting in synergy with all of the mechanisms responsible for the formation, storage and elimination of fatty deposits. Many women, despite losing weight and practising sports, never manage to get rid of cellulite once it has appeared, and this is because the internal problem remains evident, without being solved. The great innovation behind this device is that it manages to break down and dissolve swollen cells, stimulate blood circulation and remove toxins, thus breaking the cellulite formation process. Consequently, the connective tissue gradually begins to recover elasticity with visible results of the effect on the surface, progressively smothing the padded nodular appearance of the skin.

So, what are the visible results with the Glo910?

You should experience a smoother skin texture, reduction in body contouring, increased circulation and also dramatically improved skin elasticity. What effect does the infrared used in the most sophisticated model of the range have on cellulite? The Glo910+ model incorporates Slim Tech® technology, which increases the efficiency of lipomassage, working in synergy with it. Thanks to the energy of its 16 infrared and red LEDs with wavelengths of between 640-910 nm, they penetrate the skin to a depth of 3-4 mm, helping to destroy the adipocytes and stimulate collagen production.

How can you fight chronic cellulite?

All types of cellulite are chronic and hereditary, moreover they affect 90% of women aged between 16 and 56, because hormones play the greatest role in its appearance. From age 56 onward, fat is distributed differently and is located in other areas, this is referred to as localized fat instead of cellulite, and they should not to be confused. It is best to prevent or avoid cellulite by taking the necessary measures, such as reducing your consumption of salt, coffee, tobacco and alcohol. Drink at least two litres of water per day, avoid spending too much time sitting or standing, walk with a correct posture, take fewer birth control pills, try to avoid wearing high heels and tightly fitted clothing too often, maintain a balanced diet, stay regular and avoid stress.

What food and drink might cause cellulite?

Above all it is advisable to avoid alcohol, coffee, tobacco, fizzy drinks, sugars, processed fats, refined flours, etc, and restrict your salt intake.

What should be done to reduce cellulite and its variants over the age of 35?

When we speak about cellulite we are not talking about age because, as we have mentioned, it affects women aged from 16 to 56. It is better to talk about the type of cellulite to fight, of which there are three types: edematous or soft (only visible by pinching the skin), hard (seen with the naked eye and what is commonly known as orange peel) and fibrous or nodular (orange peel with large visible nodules, characterized by being painful and cold). The difficulty in treating it will depend on the type and amount. The most common is mixed, a combination of soft and hard types of cellulite.

Are there any inexpensive methods of fighting it?

We should talk about effective treatments, rather than expensive treatments. Quite often a low cost offer can become an expensive treatment because there are no results. The aesthetic medical treatment par excellence is anti-cellulite massage and pressotherapy, forming a complete and highly effective treatment, alongside healthy daily habits such as diet, exercise and drinking water. The Glo910 treatment achieves similar results at home, and also allows you to maintain them over time, so if applied constantly is money well spent.

How can we fight and prevent cellulite in the area below the buttocks, if we already follow a healthy lifestyle, drinking water and exercising?

When it comes to cellulite the first thing is to be patient, there is no treatment that provides results in less than two months, including creams, however,having healthy habits means that you are on the right track. Faced with such a specific problem, the best solution would be massage and lymphatic drainage of what is commonly known as the “banana area”.

Does eating sugar cause cellulite?

Sugars and refined flours, if not burned, become fat in the body, contributing to the formation of cellulite.

Which treatment is most effective when cellulite first appears?

Incipient cellulite is the one with the best treatment available: with a good diet and massage you will see and feel the improvement.

Can cellulite be eliminated completely?

Because it is linked with female hormones, the fertile period of women and even race, complete eradication is very difficult, however, it is possible to make it hardly visible.

Does peeling really work?

Any mechanical peeling, such as brushing, improves the appearance of the skin and stimulates circulation.

How can you fight cellulite during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the baby's weight affects circulation and the removal of toxins from the legs, which can trigger the appearance of cellulite. To combat this we recommend frequent walking, healthy eating and lymphatic drainage by massaging the legs often, especially from the 6th or 7th month.

What exercises are recommended to remove cellulite from the legs without bulking volume?

The most effective leg exercises are swimming, elliptical trainer, dynamic yoga, speed walking, brisk walking with weights on your feet, sets on weight machines (always supervised by a monitor to avoid bulking muscle).

What foods can help combat cellulite?

Any fat and sugar free foods and anything with diuretic properties: artichokes and asparagus (diuretic, high in fibre, prevent constipation and very helpful to control cellulite), bananas (due to their high potassium content which stimulates blood circulation), kale (high in vitamin C, potassium, calcium and very low in calories), egg whites (an excellent source of protein that promotes muscle formation and displaces fat), chilli and cayenne (they contain capsaicin which increases heat production in the body and burns fat), diuretic infusions such as green tea (the only food that actually slims), dandelion and rosemary.

Regarding nutricosmetics. Which is the best product to combat cellulite?

Ideally, to fight cellulite take: collagen, silicon, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. The first three are usually found in the product and the vitamin C can be easily obtained from medical centres or pharmacies.

Can cellulite be eliminated with just squats and exercise? Does fluid retention cause cellulite?

Squats and exercises are complementary to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, however, depending on the type of cellulite, it may be necessary to resort to other treatments. As mentioned previously, fluid retention, poor circulation and cellulite are all connected.

What are the contraindications for the Glo910?

Glo910 is a non-invasive and safe treatment for home use. At first, bruises may appear with the Cellu-Active head, since there may be many entrenched cells; this is normal and gradually improves with treatment. The cause is the intensity applied to deep muscle massage and connective tissue, although it is important to note that not all deep tissue massages end in bruises. If you have have capillary fragility and therefore a propensity to present hematomas due to a massage of deep tissue, the smooth Cellu-Detox roller should be used starting with a gentle massage intensity.


Can I use it if I am pregnant?

Pregnant women can use it on their legs, in fact it is highly recommended, as it prevents cellulite due to fluid retention, typical during pregnancy, from occurring. Obviously, it should not be used on the abdomen during pregnancy or after childbirth for a few months, until your abdomen has fully recovered to its pre-pregnancy state.

Are there any contraindications for the use of infrared?

The range’s most fully featured device, the Glo910, uses infrared beams with a wavelength of 640-910 mm that penetrate the skin at different levels, helping to dissolve fat accumulated in the adipocytes as well as stimulating the creation of collagen and blood circulation. These pose no problems whatsoever and are a perfect complement to mechanical massage, boosting its effects.

How soon will I see results?

From the first session you will notice the first results: the treated areas are less bulky, decongested. Your skin is smoother, softer. After 15 sessions, the results are intensified: the orange peel effect has been smoothed out, you outline is re-contoured and more toned!

Who is this device designed for?

who, despite diets, have localized fat in specific areas such as hips/thighs or orange peel skin. They can be slim and/or lead a healthy lifestyle, but are still prone to cellulite, localized excesses and flabby skin. In spite of using cosmetics they cannot eliminate the orange peel skin. They want safe, painless results without surgery. They are experiencing intense moments such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause; causing a change in body shape. They want to have firm, dense, smooth, pretty skin. They like to take care of themselves but do not have the time to go to a beauty salon, undergo expensive treatments using professional machines, or who want to maintain the results achieved with a device that allows daily constant use for a long-term results.

Men: who have a healthy lifestyle (sport, balanced diet) yet fail to shift stubborn fat. They want to reshape certain parts of their body.

Athletes: who, due to the intense practice of a sport, suffer muscular stresses, tightness ... To warm up their muscles before intense sporting activity.

Pain management: The toothed head is very useful for the treatment of lower back pain.

Does it hurt?

Although massage is intense, it does not hurt. On the contrary, both during and after the session you will experience a real sense of wellbeing. If the session does hurt, then this is because the setting is incorrect, so adjust the massage intensity regulator.

Do I have to follow a supplementary diet?

Diets rarely allow weight to be shed from the area you want. Unfortunately, cellulite is generally indifferent to diets, even the most stringent. Massage works precisely on these stubborn areas. Ideally, it is best to combine the treatment with a varied balanced diet and regular physical activity (e.g. walk 20-30min each day, avoid using the lift and walk up the stairs, cycle, swim... in general, a few minutes of moderate aerobic exercise).

What does the eliminated fat become?

First, the sugars and fats are stored by the adipocytes inside fatty tissue. The massage stimulates lipolysis and, in turn, stimulates the release of fats. These are transformed into a source of «fuel» for the muscles, and are eliminated together with the retained liquid through the urine. This is why the need to urinate is quite frequent after a massage.

Why is it advisable to move about after a treatment session?

For best results, some sports training or a fast walk afterwards can help burn off the fat released during the session.

Are the results long-lasting?

Quickly visible, the results do last, moreover with Glo910 they can easily be maintained as it is always on hand for use. To obtain lasting results consistent use is required, and by devoting about 15 min at least 3 days per week, your skin will look completely different: enhanced outline, smoothed cellulite, toned skin and re-sculpted shaping.

Is it a good investment?

The recommended fee for a 35 minute aesthetic appliance session at a beauty centre is €60. You will need between 6-10 sessions to see any results, at a cost of €360 - €600. After this you will need monthly maintenance sessions. With Glo910, you have a home treatment, tailored 100% to your needs, your time, your lifestyle, allowing you to maintain the results long-term, because it can be used for many years. If you decide to invest in the more complete version, you will also enjoy many extra treatments: body scrub, facial scrub, gentle relaxing massage, treatment for contractures, muscle aches ... making it an indispensable device in your home, both for women and men alike.

How are the massage heads changed?

The Glo910® incorporates a handy system to attach and remove the massage heads. To remove the head, just press the red button in the centre of the head and it is automatically released. To fit it, once the head is inserted onto the retaining shaft, press the red button on the head and it is automatically secured.